Cherry Slush Mix - 10 bags per package, each bag will make 1 gallon


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Circus Slush brand Cherry Slush Mix 

Make quick, easy and delicious restaurant grade Cherry flavored slushies in minutes with your frozen beverage machine.   Works in almost any frozen beverage machine - Bunn, Vollratch, Crathco, Fetco, Gold Metal, Taylor, Elmeco and many others. 

Each bag will make 1 gallon of ready product.  Just add water to the pouch, shake the pouch to mix the product and pour into your machine.  The great expansion properties of our mix can easily yield 15 drinks per gallon.  

Great money maker with profit margins typically in the 80% range. Perfect for convenience stores, restaurants, bars, food trucks, etc.  The easy to store bags do not take up a lot of room and the long shelf life means you do not have to worry about the product going bad.